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March 30, 2016

ATR Lines Indicator

Trade ATR ORBs with Stocks, FOREX, and Futures! The ATR Lines Indicator is now available on ThinkorSwim (TOS).

ORB Displays Entries, and Targets to Make Your Life Easy!
The ATR ORB Indicator, which stands for “Opening Range Breakout,” makes trading simple! By clearly defining where to enter trades, where to take profits, or where to exit losing trades, you can take the guess work out of trading. The ATR ORB Indicator defines a total of 11 key trading levels at the open of each trading session, which means you can take the guess work out of trading.

Potentially Profit from Both Up Moves and Down Moves

While there is no guarantee that trades will be profitable for any given trading session, sometimes the ORB identifies profitable Buy and Sell signals with a single trading session. The ATR ORB Indicator makes it easy to enter both long and short positions, which allows you to take advantage of both rising markets and falling markets. By strategically placing entry levels for Buy and Sell signals above and below the open of the session, the ORB Indicator reduces losing trades caused by market “noise.” While these signal are great for day trading you can also apply these signal for weekly and monthly signal lines for swing trading ideas.

After entering a long signal after a prices hit the “Buy Entry Level,” you have the option to exit part or all of your profits at one of two strategically placed profit target levels. If you want to take profits faster, then exit at the closer Mid Profit Target 1 or Profit Target 1. If you want to hold your long position for a potentially larger gain, then you can elect to exit at the Mid Profit Target 2, Profit Target 2 , Mid Profit Target 3 and Profit Target 3 level, which gives you maximum flexibility as a trader.

Only the ORB trading levels that are located within your chart scale will be displayed, which makes it easier to view the ORB target lines that are within striking distance. Furthermore, you have the ability to define the color of entry and exit lines and the thickness of the current day’s trading level lines. You also have the ability to only view the ORB trading levels for the current session or, if you prefer, for past sessions as well. You also have the ability to increase or decrease the Buy or Sell line target distance if you so desire.


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