100K Options Trading Challenge Is On. Are You In?

July 4, 2018 0 Comments

The 100k Options Trading Challenge is on. Are you in?

We started the 100K Options Trading Challenge in the Elite Trading Service during the month of May in “beta” format. The account is up nearly 150% right now. Our goal is to increase the account  100% each month. There is no set time as to when we will achieve the goal as this is not a “game”. Instead it is a system that we use to grow a small account into a large account. The ultimate goal is to make way more than 100k.

Let’s look at some recent trades in the Elite Trading Feed –

About 80% of the trades that we make are short term trades that last from one to two hours to a couple of days. Let me debunk one myth right here right now; you can day trade options without having 25k in your account and dealing with stupid PDT rules. We are trading with a cash only account with no margin. This allows us to make as many trades as we want with settled funds.

We trade highly liquid options on big name stocks like AAPL, FB, NFLX,, BABA, C, GS, SPY, IWM, SPX, QQQ, VXX, and many others. In fact, we regularly trade VXX options on an almost daily basis.

We use 60 min and daily market profile for our trades and drill down to a 5 min market profile to time our entries. Don’t worry if you know anything about market profile. I will teach you how to trade market profile. It is actually very easy and it works.

Here is the current account balance as well as two trades that we did on Friday.

In addition to all the 100k trades you will also get access to all the Elite Trading Service trades. The Elite Trading Service includes –

+ 3-5 trades per day using only weekly options. We are in and out of the market fast.
+ ALL my SPX trades. Many services charge $200 or more a month just for SPX trades.
+ ALL 100k Options Trading Challenge Trades
+ Priority access to me to help you with your trading plan.
+ Ongoing education so you know why the trades are being made.

All trades are alerted via a private twitter feed and you can turn on SMS alerts.

I am currently accepting 25 new members into the challenge and the Elite Trading Feed. After I get 25 new members  will close the service down to new members.

There are two membership options –

Monthly – This is for those that want to test drive the service. You will get 30 days of 100k Options Trading Challenge alerts plus all Elite Trading Feed alerts. Normal price: $197 a month. Special price – $97 a month. You will most likely make this on your first couple of trades just trading 1 to 2 contracts. >>> CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE MONTHLY PLAN.

Quarterly – This is for those that say “game on, let’s do this, I am in it to win it”. You will get 90 days of 100k Options Trading Challenge alerts plus all Elite Trading Feed alerts. Normal price: $297 for three months. Special price – $147 for three months. Once again you will most likely pay for a quarterly membership after you make your first few trades trading only 1-2 contracts. >>> CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE QUARTERLY PLAN.


I am giving free access to the Trade With Joe Private trading service.

This includes the following:

+ Trading Room Access – Interact with one of the best group of traders that I have ever met. Watch me make live trades and hear inraday market commentary. This is the real deal.
+ Private Twitter Feed Alerts – This is a more longer term alert service with trades lasting longer. We also track options flow.
+ Strategy Session Videos – Sunday through Thursday videos covering the markets and actionable trade ideas.
+ Webinars – I believe that trading is a life long learning experience. We do regular webinars to increase your trading abilities.

This is a $47 a month value that you are getting for free when you join the 100k trading challenge.


Keep in mind this is limited to the next 25 members. Once I reach 25 new members the service will be closed to new members.

UPDATE: There are 22 spots left. These will go fast.

Trade smart,


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