Dan Talks About Short Interest in 3D Printers

February 16, 2015 0 Comments

In this video Dan from Stock Market Mentor talks about the short interest in 3d printing stocks VJET, DDD, and SSYS.

Dan has this to say,

I want to look at Voxeljet ( NYSE:VJET ), actually a couple of the other 3D printers too; lets talk short interest. First of all some of the people in the forum have been talking about, it hasn’t been a hot topic of conversation but its been pretty regular, talking about the 3D printers and the fact that they may be finding a bottom, finding a bid, and this and that.

I’ve been tracking them and so have other members, it looks to me like that’s what’s happening here. Not screaming buys yet, though of all of them I would take Voxeljet ( NYSE:VJET ) now. You can see this article on Yahoo Finance if you do a search for ” Voxeljet”; it’s an interesting article about short selling, short interest in the 3D printing stocks.

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