Dan’s Take On $AMBA

February 16, 2015 0 Comments

Dan over at Stock Market Mentor has released a new video on $AMBA. Dan has this to say,

Amberallea ( NASDAQ:AMBA ), sell this, that’s all I can tell you; okay that’s it for today. No, the thing is this broke on very, very high volume. It broke the 50-day moving average and that totally puts the weekly uptrend in doubt. You could say, “Well yes, but it could bounce.” Yes it could, it could bounce here at 45.00, it could bounce at 40.00; it may not bounce at all.

What you’ve got to understand is, a substantial portion of their revenue, 35 percent, maybe 40 percent of their revenue comes from GoPro ( NASDAQ:GPRO ), which is still drifting lower. Obviously then the market thinks that their revenues are slowing; and the only way your revenues slow is if you make less of what you sell, and that would impact Amberallea ( NASDAQ:AMBA ).

Read his full take on $AMBA here.


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