Here’s Your Plan For The WING Trade.

July 12, 2015 0 Comments

Dan over at StockMarketMentor has a trade idea on WING. He has this to say,

I’m going to go back to Wingstop ( NASDAQ:WING ). This has been a “Chart of the Day” video at least once maybe even twice. This is one that the members in our forum have been jumping all over and you can see why. Here’s what I want to point out, this is real brief, higher high, higher low, etcetera, etcetera. Every single time here, over the last five days, we’ve had higher highs, and higher lows.

Also look at this: on the close the stocks have traded very, very high in relation to their intraday range, so they’re closing near to the high of the day. Volume is increasing, you can really see this on an hourly chart; we could zoom down more if we wanted to. This is what I’m talking about, sideways consolidation coming all the way out, this was what first brought it to my attention was this pop here, it was a move on above average volume.

I like how Dan presents his trade ideas in a very simple way for the “average joe” to understand. Worth a watch for sure.


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