Market Analysis From Beyond The Chart – 7/12/2015

July 12, 2015 0 Comments

Joe over at has a new video covering the markets last week out. He has this to say,

What a week. And the markets don’t know which way to go. After some strong volatility the Dow Industrials ended +30 points for the week, S&P 500 was -0.16 points, the Nasdaq was -11.5 points and the Russell 2000 was +3.76 points. So after all the Greece heartburn and China crash concern, the markets were basically flat.

Now some folks who don’t trade regularly might just say, ‘see if you just sit tight everything will be just fine’. Well, don’t get too comfortable. Whether you are a trader or investor you better have your stop or “uncle” point. Things can change very quickly…and not just in China.

I am very lucky to have his permission to post his videos on the site. They are all well worth your time.


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