Smart Cross Is Showing More Downside For Z

October 5, 2014 0 Comments

I posted on Stock Twits a while back that Z was on my “it looks like it wants to crack list” and crack it sure did. Taking a look at the new Smart Cross indicator that we are getting ready to launch shows even more downside, especially in a weak market. Here is what Smart Cross is showing –


Smart Cross gave us a short signal at 144.66. A weak long signal at 132.66 and finally another short signal at $130. Z is currently trading at 112.89. It very well could bounce as nothing goes down in a straight line. I am watching for a bounce and will be ready to take another short. If Smart Cross signals a buy I will ignore it as the momentum is to the downside at the moment.

The Smart Cross indicator is an indicator that is coming out of beta this week that we designed for both swing trading and day trading. I will be posting a video later with results (not cherry picked) from the past month of use in real live trading.

Keep this one on your radar. just be careful for a possible bounce.


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