Smart Cross Watch List – 10/20

October 20, 2014 0 Comments

I decided to do a watch list for stocks that are setting up for possible trades off a custom indicator that we use in the chat room every day for our day trades. For swing trading I like to trade off a 30 or 60 minute chart as I can time my entries better. Here are the charts –

As I write this the futures are up. It looks like we may get a gap up in the market if the trend continues.

DIA: Gave a buy signal on Friday. Watch for upside continuation. Expect some choppy action.
GOOGL: Still in sell (short) mode. Looking to short any bounces until signal change.
IWM: In a green market would expect a possible re-test of 109.22. That would be very bullish for IWM.
PCLN: Expecting sideways chop. Would like to see a break of support (1070) for a short position.
QQQ: Expecting choppy action. Anything below 92.46 and watch out below. Keep an eye on IBB.
SPY: Hit a buy signal Friday and expect to go higher. Will be choppy.
TSLA: still in sell mode. Bias is sideways to lower even in a green market.
XLE: Buy signal hit on Friday, but not very strong. This one should follow the SPY.
XLF: Still in sell signal. Any rallies are shorts with a tight stop.
Z: Even though in buy mode, I am not taking long. Watch for choppy sideways action or a small bounce.

See those of you who are members in the chat room tomorrow morning.

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