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DATE: SEPT 15, 2018 – 11 AM – 2 PM EST (Recording will be available.)


On Sept 15 I will do an intensive 3-4 hour boot camp on how to trade Vertical Spreads.

In this class we will focus on both debit and credit spreads.

We will start with the very basics. We will examine what spreads are and how they differ from directional calls and puts. We will look at the basics of a spread, which is selling an option and buying an option as a hedge. We will look at choosing the proper strikes and time frames based on a risk profile that we define. In an ideal setting we will be looking for spreads that have about 20 day left to expire and offer a 1:1 risk reward. In many cases the risk/reward will be better. Out goal will be to hold until we reach 50%-60% of maximum value.

We will also examine what I call the “overnight hold” spread. This is a spread that we will plan on closing the very next day. We did two of these this week in the ELITE feed. In one case we sold an $SPX spread for $280 and bought it back the next morning for $60-$70. In another instance we sold a $RUT spread for $204 and bought it back for $53 the very next day.

We will learn how to day trades spreads on the big boys like $AMZN $BKNG $GOOGL $SPX $RUT (NOTE: This will a small part of the class and will only apply to those that have only 25K accounts. If you do not, please don’t worry. Consider it an “extra”.)

We will then advance to learn how to analyze the spread by the analyze tab on Think Or Swim and Tasty Works. This alone will be an eye opener to many traders.

If this was all that was taught it would be a steal, but there is more. After learning what we have learned, we will re visit when to sell a spread and buy a spread with the goal of maximizing how much we can really make with a spread. There is no rule that says you need to keep both legs of a spread on until expiration or you close it out. We will examine when it is best to break a spread by buying back the short leg to maximize the gains possible. This will be an eye opener to many.

We will also learn what I call “planting traps” in the market. These are far OTM spreads that have an amazing risk/reward profile and a much higher chance of working that the market is pricing in. An example of a “trap” I set was buying a $WTW 75/70 put spread when $WTW was trading at $90. It is now trading at $70.34. My risk on the trade was $60. My reward was $430. I was targeting a pullback to the 200 DMA.  We will examine those as well.

Here is what makes this class a real winner…

After the class you will get 30 days access to a private SLACK GROUP where you can share trade ideas with each other and ask me questions on topics discussed. I will also offer trade alerts as well. Consider it as close to private mentoring as you will get.

UPDATE: I have decided to start adding members that register for the Spreads Trading Class to the SLACK group on Wednesday 8/22. I will be calling out some spreads trade in the group starting at that date. You will still have 30 days access after the class ends.

You will also get a pdf with slides from the class as well as a “cheat sheet”.

Price for class is $150. The first 20 that join will get the class for $75.

JOIN NOW: Click here to join for $75 (50% off) – Limited to first 20 members.





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