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January 23, 2015 0 Comments

Here is the list of trades that I took and called out in chat today.  For today I and up around $1021 dollars I spent around $4200 dollars in trades and my commission for today is  $96 dollars for a total gain after commissions are $925 and for trade commission I pay $3 round trip per contract for options.




I trade with around $5000 a day in trades and when I enter a trade I already have a hard stop in mind on what I will take as a lost and for me I risk no more than $40-$80 lost on a trade for example I BOT +2 GOOGL 100 (Weeklys) JAN4 15 542.5 CALL @2.40 my stop will be around 2.20 or 2.00 which would be around $40-$80 lost if it went against me.


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