Trade Results For Open Range Breakout System On IWM

October 2, 2014 0 Comments

I promised that I would do a post on the results on the open range breakout system that I use for day trading the IWM. Having a system in place is very important as it removes the “emotional” attachment a trader gets to the trade they are in. Here are the screenshots for the past 10 trading days on IWM and how the system performed.













Guide to triggers. Buy = long calls. Sell = long puts. Exit1 = exit 2/3rd position. Exit2 = exit remaining 1/3rd position. Over the past 10 trading days there was one day where no trade was triggered due to choppy price action. There was one other day where a trade was triggered and “technically” the target was not met, though it hit it by 90%. No losing trades. On days where the momo is strong in one direction it’s not rocket science to let remaining 1/3rd position ride as many days IWM falls like a knife going through butter.

We are actually working on an even better opening range breakout system that triggers buys and sells much sooner and is tailored for trading indices like IWM. More on that later, but email subscribers will get the inside scoop on what we are doing.

Find a system. Trade it. Drop the emotions.



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