Trading Levels For 1/16/2015

January 16, 2015 0 Comments

These are possible levels that I am watching for 1/16/2016. It is OPEX and these are the max pain levels with my commentary. Keep in mind that the markets are under selling pressure. My bias is to the downside.

AAPL – Max Pain is just under $101. AAPL closed at 106.82. If they are going to take this down they will drop it below 105. That is where 106k calls sit vs. 72k puts.

PCLN – Max Pain is at 1065 level. Watch the $1000. May get a bounce. This is a tough one. Bias to upside.

FB – Max Pain is at 60. That wont happen. My bet is they try and bring it up over $75. Heavy OI around that strike.

TWTR – Max Pain is at 39. TWTR flushed to 36.93. Watch the 35 level. 25k puts vs 19k calls.

AMZN – Max pain is 310. AMZN closed @ 286.95. 290 I believe may act as magnet. Put heavy OI below 285 should support this.

TSLA – Max Pain is 200. TSLA closed at 191.87. 4k calls vs 8k puts @ 190 is where the action will be. I believe they will try and bring it above 190.

These are levels that I am looking at Friday. They are just something that I will keep in mind with other trading indicators.


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