Trading Recap

November 3, 2015 0 Comments

Today was a nice day with trading and I ended up taking BIDU and TWTR calls which I found off my scanners.

BIDUBIDU I saw it breaking above my buy level $187.29 around 10:05 and I took BUY +1 BIDU 100 (Weeklys) NOV1 15 190 CALL @2.22 and I sold when it came up to my target 1 on my levels which was $189.41 Sold -1 BIDU 100 (Weeklys) NOV1 15 190 CALL @2.80 around 10:40.  The second trade I took was around 12:30 when BIDU came down and tested my buy level but this time I sold it at my mid target 2 $190.35.

TWTRTWTR I saw the market was moving up and TWTR testing the opening price $28.54 2 times so I was going to take calls if that broke above it and around 10:30 I went into the and then I sold it around as it was testing my buy level $28.92 around 12:00.

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