Weekly Options / SPX / DAY TRADING FEED


The TWJ ELITE WEEKLY OPTIONS SERVICE was launched in June 2017 to a select group of Trade With Joe members by invite only. I am pleased to announce that the service is now available to all traders.

This is an aggressive options trading service that trades weekly options with a holding time as little as two hour (or less) to 2-3 days. 60% of the trades are from a basket of stocks that we trade each day. The other stocks are mainly news driven. We try and capture 100-300% wins on each trade. There are times that we capture the huge winners that are 10 baggers of greater.

This is also the service that I do all my SPX and SPY trades. Into that mix I add VXX and UVXY trades well.

The best way to show what the service is about is to show how it worked one day. Here is the twitter feed for the service for one Friday. (Notice the SPX and VXX trades.)


This service is not for everyone; in fact it is specifically aimed for those that like to trade market volatility and be in and out of a position as soon as possible.

Members can expect 3-5 trades per day. Some of the trades we may be in less than two hours. Some we may be in as long as 2-3 days. Some members choose to lock profits soon before I exit. A recent trade example was TSLA 310 calls using weekly options at under 8.00. TSLA ripped to 343 and those calls went to 25.00. I locked profits on that trade before 25.00; yet many members stayed for the TSLA ride.

The NORMAL MONTHLY RATE for this program is $97/MONTH and most pay for that with their first trade. For a limited time I am offering a special price of 3 MONTHS for $97. That is a savings of 67%. On March 1st we will start a new SPX MILLIONS TRADING CHALLENGE and I will close the service to new members. The SPX MILLIONS TRADING CHALLENGE will be included FREE WITH YOUR MEMBERSHIP.